In 2001 Lisa decided to leave South Africa with her two young kids and move to the United States.

The next big move was to bring the vintage merchandise across the oceans. Thousands of boxes arrived. Many had never been opened. The task was enormous and very overwhelming. Slowly every box was opened and categorized. Then came the job of computerizing the numerous products and finally getting all of the treasures that had waited so long to be unveiled onto the web for the whole world to enjoy.

We have strived to keep the site operable and easy to maintain. Therefore not all the products are displayed, as there are vast amounts of vintage fashion accessories. Therefore, as we progress, we will add, change, and adapt to customer's requirements.

We are now proud to present to you all the work of three generations -

Danziger’s soon became the largest “haberdashers” in Africa. They sold throughout the continent and fast became a household name with fashion designers, doll makers, beaders, etc… If you needed a dress for the prom, the accessories came from us.
1917 Solly arrived in Johannesburg
1918 Danziger’s was born on downtown Market Street; Johannesburg.
1925 Business was booming and the premises moved to a larger storefront on President Street.
1930 Solly bought the building, now a historical architectural site due to its unique design and structure. We’re so excited about being a part of history!!
1949 Gerald, Lisa’s father joined the business and started traveling abroad to Austria, Switzerland, England, and France. He found the most incredible trims, ribbon, pearls, buttons, and beads.
In no time, Gerald became his father's extension. A dream come true for a family business. A son to continue in his father’s footsteps. This was a natural step as well as an easy one for Gerald, having been brought up in the business. His experience and knowledge has proved invaluable to Lisa his daughter, who would also become the pride of the family business by continuing where Gerald left off.
Gerald continued to buy and sell the best quality European merchandise all the way into the early 1990’s.
Lisa, having also been brought up in the business and being surrounded by these now vintage fashion accessories, realized a value and appreciation for these unique ribbons, trims, buttons, beads and other fancy goods.
2001 Lisa and family leave for the United States to settle in Potomac, Maryland.
2003 A shipment arrives from South Africa…all the most amazing vintage fashion accessories you could imagine.
Toward the end of 2003 Lisa decided to embark on her dream - - - the continuation of the tradition of selling the vintage fashion accessories that were bought and so well kept for decades before.

November 2003 had arrived at long last... The highly anticipated launch of our web based business....and so it continues to this day... and there is more...

2019 we continued expanding and have just bought a warehouse full of 70's/80's vintage just outside London. Our doors are open by appointment only.