Merchandise and Ordering









Do we charge sales tax?
Yes. Only for registered Maryland residents.5% Maryland sales tax will automatically be added for Maryland residents. If you intend to resell then a resale number must be faxed to us first in order to waive this charge. Back to top

Does have other related products?
Definitely. We have numerous products dating back decades. All our merchandise is “old but brand new on original cards, packaging, and boxes. Please contact us if you are keen on other related product in the vintage fashion accessory range. Back to top

Do we have a wholesale dept?
No. However we do offer a quantity discount on selected merchandise providing we have the requested quantities available.Back to top

What forms of payments do we accept?
Major Credit cards, personal / business checks (first cleared, then merchandise is shipped), money orders. Back to top

Can I return merchandise?
Yes. With authorization on only uncut merchandise or yardage over three yards. We refund shipping if we are at fault. Or ship the correct goods free of charge. Please call to inform us of the intended return and gain authorization. Back to top

Can I call the showroom and order over the tell/ fax?
Certainly. If you are more comfortable this way, it will be our pleasure to serve you telephonically or per fax. You will then have to mail payment and wait for payment clearance, and then the goods will be promptly expedited. Back to top

Are orders confirmed before payment is accepted?
Payment is only accepted if the goods are available and ready to be shipped. We only confirm telephonic/ fax orders or mailed order requests, as these are not electronic. Ordinarily electronic payment is confirmed when the charge is accepted. If there is a concern regarding your order, we will promptly attend to it and inform you. Back to top

Does ship to one address but bill another?
This can be done. We know many items are purchased for third parties (gifts or the person lives elsewhere). If you are calling in an order, remember to inform us. Back to top

Do you only have vintage merchandise?
Yes, Yes and yes again…we only have the highest quality merchandise purchased (minimum) over fifty years ago. Back to top

Is there an Order Minimum?
There is no minimum dollar amount to place an order. If purchasing by yardage, a minimum quantity of 1 yard must be purchased. The information within the purchase dialogue box will also indicate purchasing units. Remember to make the postage worthwhile. More importantly, the merchandise being vintage may not be available next time you log on to our site!!! This is invariably the case where products are in small supply and never, ever replicated. Back to top

What guarantees do I have if I wash the trim, braid or any other “washable” item?
We cannot guarantee products after wash as all these chemicals are different and react differently. However we do guarantee the quality of the product and guarantee its integrity providing it is consistent with industry comparisons and is thus equally compatible. I.e. cotton with cotton. Back to top

What guarantee do I have that the merchandise is “vintage”.
Good question and a fair one too.

All our merchandise was purchased in Europe and occupied Japan pre World War II or just after. We do not have a single shred of contemporary merchandise.

We also do not replicate, duplicate or imitate a vintage product. When we are sold out of it, that’s the end or a design and the hopeful start of another.

My father and Grandfather before him personally” purchased every single item from the manufacturing facilities, never from a store, wholesaler or other. This you have my personal GUARANTEE.
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Do you have a catalogue available?
Due to our extremely large merchandise holdings well as updates and availability of merchandise, it is not possible to keep an accurate catalog. However, our merchandise is readily available on line or simply contact us with queries, concerns or comments so we can better serve you. Remember our range is invariably larger than what is available on line. Back to top

Do you have samples or swatches for sale?
Yes. On a limited scale as with vintage merchandise, there are limited quantities. So we can entertain the request by contacting us by e-mail or tel. phone. We will try to be as accommodating as possible. Back to top

When does the merchandise get shipped?
As soon as payment is received and the merchandise securely packaged, then it will be collected that day for delivery to our valued customers address selected. Back to top

How do we calculate shipping charges?
We use a flat rate for calculating the costs. Whatever the actual bottom-line cost amounts to is what you are charged. We charge a shipping and handling fee for each product purchased, calculated on a weighted average and make use of an incremental scale as items are added on. The more items purchased the less the shipping on an average basis. We assure you, there is “zero” margin included for profit. Back to top

Do we ship internationally?
Yes. UPS delivery to most countries around the globe. If you are unsure of if UPS services your country and or area, please call us and we will gladly inform you and ensure you receive your merchandise as expeditiously as practically possible. There is a $15.00 charge for international orders. We will do everything to minimize this expense. Please allow fair time for delivery overseas. Back to top

Will all the products be shipped via UPS?
Yes. Unless otherwise requested. UPS has proved extremely reliable and flexible with shipping locations, pick-up times and delivery of packages. The rates are also very competitive and we strive to maintain them as low as possible for our common good. Back to top

Explain return policy
You may return merchandise for a full refund. Shipping charges will be refunded for defective /soiled merchandise only. If you simply have a change of heart, then within 7 days of receipt of merchandise you may return it. However shipping charges may not be refundable, which are dependent on the circumstances. In all instances, Please call first to receive an authorization number. There will be a restocking fee depending on the size of the return. Back to top

How do I exchange an item?
We exchange with pleasure with the integrity of the merchandise intact. However we cannot absorb the shipping charges. Same value or cash back exchanges are subject to inspection before transaction takes effect. We reserve the right to grant exchanges at our sole discretion. This is because we wish to maintain the integrity of the merchandise for all our valued customers. Back to top

What is the charge for Shipping and Handling?
Shipping charges start at $5.50 and increases depending on the following:

  1. Shipment Method (Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, Ground)
  2. Quantity, size, weight volume of the products shipped.
  3. The Delivery address, as some customers wish to send gifts or simply have product shipped to alternate address.
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How secure is my information on your site?
We use Verisign. The most credible security software available for the internet so you can utilize the internet for your purchases as millions do. …with piece of mind. Back to top

What is the privacy policy?
Maintaining the integrity of our customers as well as ourselves. There is “zero” tolerance toward the compromise of privacy in all instances no matter what!! Back to top

Would sell my information?
No. As we respect and protect your information as best as we practically can.Furthermore, we are not in the business of selling information, we are in the business of selling the best quality and largest variety of vintage accessories on the world wide web. Back to top