In 1918 a young man from Lithuania got off a boat that docked in South Africa. All he had with him was a small suitcase and a few odds and ends he wished to sell. This young man’s name was Solly Danziger (my grandfather).

A few months later Danziger’s was opened in downtown Johannesburg. In 1925 the business started booming and rapidly grew with Solly traveling to Europe frequently to buy wonderful notions from all the different factories then producing the best and latest trims, costume jewellery, buttons, ribbons and anything else he could fit into his business (This business was nicknamed by many as “Aladdin’s Cave” since it was filled with anything that could make a designer's dream come true). Many boxes kept arriving and soon Danzigers was the biggest haberdashery business on the African continent …still to this day it is a household name synonymous with quality fashion designer notions and accessories.

Enter Lisa (me), Solly’s granddaughter who at a very young age found it fun to rummage through all the old tiaras, hair barrettes and jewellery at the store. Having returned to South Africa after studying in Europe Lisa who had always had a passion and love for ‘old’ and 'beautiful’ things decided to carry on the tradition and join the family business. Her father Gerald had joined the business in the 1950's and was running it at that time. Lisa became the third generation to take over and run the business after her father retired. Lisa now lives in UK and brings over a container of stock twice a year to sell to all her customers, both regular retail and trade buyers.

"Grandpa why do you buy so much jewellery?" asked Lisa as a young girl.
Solly: "It never goes bad like food."